Tuesday, May 17, 2022

This Baby Formula Has Been Brought to You by the Letters "M", "B" and "A".

There are three companies that make baby-food formula. Abbott, which shut down because of contamination issues, makes 40% of the formula sold in this country.

This is what has goen on from one industry to another. The money guys have, in thier unalloyed greed, "consolidated" industries so that fewer and fewer companies make any particular product.

We've seen this before, especially in the Great Plains, where the railroad companies and the grain elevator operators together reduced farmers to near-slavery. We've seen this before with Standard Oil.

Break up Big Baby Food!

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  1. I cannot recall the last time before Microsoft that our government even tried applying anti-trust laws on a business or industry.

    Although I just remembered now, oh right they broke up Ma Bell and opened up the telecommunications industry in the early 1980s.

    We have these anti-trust laws in place but no political will to apply them. And then we wonder why our financial institutions go broke every ten years and drag the economy down with them, or why we're facing supply chain problems because there's only 2-3 companies left that make those items.


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