Friday, May 20, 2022

Guns Are the Symptom. Racism is the Disease

Let's dispense, right now, with any thought that this nation can do anything about assault-style weapons. There is not the political will for it on a national level. Even if it were tried, it'd never survive judicial review.[1]

Similarly, the complaining about the growth of the right to carry is pointless. Most of these asshats used rifles, not handguns. So let's dispense with that, as well. so, let's proceed to the main event of this post.

What the far-Right murderers are doing is trying to spark their "racial holy war." If you have a strong stomach (and, preferably, a VPN and a TOR/onion browser), try searching"rahowa". It will scare the shit out of anyone who is not eligible to be a card-carrying member of the Klan or a Bircher.

There is a market for racist hate in this country. There is a market for politicians who are trying to subvert the idea of a democratic nation. They want it so that only their people, mainly, white Christian men, can vote.[2] They have no problem with using terror to cow those who they ate.

You can't talk about the evils that generations of racism have perpetuated in this country, according to the GOP, for that makes white people feel bad.[3] But you can talk about how minorities are going to hurt white people.[4] You can scream about that until your face turns red.

The problem with this country is that hate is become mainstreamed. The TOFF used hate to prop up his base. His party has adopted naked racism as one of its platforms. Not for nothing was the radio show of a now-dead radio commenator known as "Radio Rwanda". His successor on cable TV has been loudly spouting racist "thories"[5]. The #3 Republican in the House of Representatives has glommed onto spouting that same racism. The Senate candidate in Ohio figured out that riding that demon is the key to winning his party's nomination. Others are doing the same.

White murderous racism largely gets a pass. When somebody acts on the lunacy being espoused by the pundits and politicians on the Right and gets to killing people, oh, how they express shock and dismay that the killers are saying the very same thing that they are. "They must be mentally ill," they proclaim.

As if. Those jerkoffs are spreading their racist poison far and wide and then they are just so surprised that their base acts on it? They're surprised about the Tiki-Torch March and the violence surrounding it, the Capitol Hill Insurrection, the massacres in Charleson, El Paso, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo?

The hell they are. You will not see a single one of them stop to think that maybe it would be better if they stopped serving their racist poison. No, they will keep on doing it. And some of their cretinous supporters will continue to take them at their word and they will do something to try and stop being replaced.

There will be more such shootings.

You can bet the farm on that.

[1] For instance, a law limiting white males under the age of thirty to only air rifles would not survive a court challenge. [2] Not all. [3] Critical race theory. [4] Replacement theory. [5] When he hasn't been shilling for Putler's War.

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