Saturday, November 27, 2021

What Sense Does This Ban Make?

The US will restrict travel from South Africa and seven other southern African countries to try to contain a new coronavirus variant spreading there.

From Monday, only US citizens and residents will be allowed to travel from the region.

If the Omicron variant is of such concern and if it is spreading through suouthern Africa, then why not slam the fucking door shut now? Why wait three or so days?

And why not require quarantining of everyone who is eligible to travel from that region?

This is had the oder of the public health version of security theater.


  1. The virus is already here. By the time a new variant is identified it's already too late to stop it from setting up residence here. The good news is that the scientific is already hard at work on decoding its structure and finding a way to treat/prevent it. If we're lucky, it may turn out that the omicron variant is no more dangerous than previous iterations. Not sure that we going to be that lucky. Those of us who believe in science will continue masking up and getting our boosters when available, the anti-vaccine maskhole crowd gets to enjoy the consequences...

  2. Monday today is too late ...

  3. Would closure have been next Monday if it was Ebola, or small pox, or polio, or?

    Let's see; To delay or not to delay, that is the question. Really? Sounds like the government doesn't actually have a plan in place.

    What about the next variant? Dilly Dally!

    Count me incredulous and tired of doing time.

  4. Just Musing: Being alive means doing time...and learning to live with it. We've had a post WWII glory time...and it's over. The bill for so many transgressions against people, the environment, even realities is coming due. We had a lavish we find our wallet doesn't have enough in it to pay the bill, and we're going to have roll up our sleeves and live and work in ugly circumstance to deal with it.

    100 years ago, health was not an entitlement. It has seemed like it is due to a lot of public health work, luck and scientific advances, but things have changed, basically from people being stupid and taking it for granted. We've drilled enough holes in the side of the ship that the bilge pumps are losing ground, besides that, we haven't been maintaining them.

  5. SD: Spot On.

    I was feeling a bit cranky yesterday.

    And we must respond by doing what we can, so in my near future there are solar cells, an electric car, a wall battery (if I can swing it), rain water capture for lawn and garden watering, and turning off the natural gas feed. Maybe even a wind turbine.

    My wife and I will continue to sequester and keep Covid at bay.

    Some folks are still not getting the message about maintaining distance. I had to raise my voice to the not masked UPS delivery driver a couple of days ago to stop and drop the package. I was working in the garage with the door up. "Don't hand it to me please. Put it on the ground." He did, but seemed taken aback. I was able to slip a mask on before he got up the drive way. That package cooled it's heels for half hour.

  6. Ah JM, you're a car freak (from your thumbnail image). Looky here at what I had the luck to grow up with

  7. Two cases were reported in Ottawa yesterday (28th).

    It's a safe bet it's in Boston ...

  8. In the last 10 days...

    Three hams I know are in the hospital for covid. One lost his wife
    that went in with him and the two others are now dead. They were
    not vaccinated.

    To day I'd hear another has covid, he was vaccinated and is not
    in the hospital. He got it from his suns 6 year old who also has
    a mild case (mild fever and loss of smell).

    We practice avoidance, mask when it seems reasonable.

    Bottom line is I've had the flu and every time it was nasty bad,
    back before flu shots were common. I do everything I can to
    avoid having weeks out of my life to a bug, flu shots faithfully.

    I'm also old enough to remember having the big three mumps,
    measles, and chicken pox because no vaccine then. They were
    pretty bad all of them. As a result I'll need the shingella
    vaccine. I understand Shingles really sucks. What I remember
    was Salk then Sabin and my parents urgency in getting them
    as a kid. Salk was three shots spaced out, not fun for a
    kid but I remember hearing and seeing iron lungs.

    I remain baffled by those that resist. Scared of the
    needle? Well who isn't. We claim to be adults and have
    gotten shots before, maybe even surgeries, so really.

    If you having moments because of the claims from some
    media it will mess you up... Think! over 200,000,000
    shots and even at the extreme that's a lot of evidence
    walking around proving the those claims are pure lies.

    Do it. The alternate is being a breeding host for
    the next worse version of the bug that may also kill
    or seriously sicken you while evolving.


  9. Update to my last..

    One more person dies. In the ham community they are
    referred as SKs or silent keys. The significance is SK
    in telegraphy (both wired and radio) is the procedural
    signal (prosign) for work is completed usually meaning
    traffic (conversation is complete, done) has ended
    none to follow...

    They were people known to me I'd meet at hamfests
    and club meetings before the plague when we had them.
    They are not abstract statistics or some remote pe
    rson I might know the name of. They were faces I

    There are two communities I have been part of note,
    Pilots and Radio amateurs. Why are they important?
    The numbers of each in the USA are around 750,000
    with licenses. There is a large intersection between
    the two due to the adventure, technical, and social
    nature of both. Many do both!

    Between those I've seen both in the last 10 days
    diminish in numbers from a virus.
    A fucking avoidable virus.



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