Saturday, November 27, 2021

Can a Lawyer Defend a Racist Piece of Shit Without Being a Racist Piece of Shit?

Defense attorney Kevin Gough called the murder trial of Ahmaud Arbery, an unarmed Black jogger, a "public lynching" of his client -- who is one of three white men accused of chasing and killing Arbery.

He claimed that the trial has been "infected by mob violence by the woke-left mob," and asked the judge for a mistrial once again. His request was denied by the judge.

"Third parties are influencing this case," Gough said, referring to the "spectator activity" and "media frenzy" concerning public figures attending the trial and gathering outside of the courtroom. "This is what a public lynching looks like in the 21st century."

First off, no white lawyer who is defending a white client who is accused of killing a Black man should ever use the word "lynching". His client was duly convicted by a jury that he tried his level best to make as white as possible. There was no mob storming the courthouse to hang his client from a lamppost. The South has a dark history of lynching people, mostly Black, a few Jews, and for a white lawyer to say that his white Christian client was "lynched" is tone-deaf at best and is really racist as all fuck.

Second, show me the "mob violence". Brunswick, Georgia wasn't looted. No building were burnt. Nobody, other than Mr. Arberyy, was killed.

Third, "media frenzy"? Really? It was a high-profile trial. What the fuck did he expect? It's not the media's fault that Mr. Gough came across as though he spends his weekends ironing his white robes.

Fourth, "spectator activity"? Gough doesn't know that trials are public? My recollection is that there's been some rather high-level court cases about that. I guess he's never heard of a trial of a cop-killer, where off-duty cops pack the gallery. Or trials of cops, where off-duty cops pack the gallery. People are welcome to attend, as long as they don't cause a disturbance.

All this smacks of a lawyer who can't come to grips with the fact that he lost the biggest high-profile case of his career and smeared himself on the pavement doing so.


  1. A public lynching? There were few private lynchings, the point was to terrify and oppress.

  2. Yeah, he specifically said that he didn't want Black pastors in the audience. Seemed like he was fishing for a mistrial to me, or setting up some rationale for appeal.

    -Doug in Sugar Pine

  3. "Third parties are influencing this case,"
    I think the dogwhistle phrase Gough is meaning to use is "outside agitators".

    Turrible, turrible...they'll get our nigras thinking they can do anything, be anything..take jobs that belong to white folk, marry our white women and worse. And now they're trying to tell us Jesus wasn't blond and blue-eyed, huh!

    The only way people change is by dying off and being replaced by a younger geneeration that doesn't "understand" what all the fuss is about.
    The greatest danger to humanity becoming more tolerant and having a more humane culture/economy/everything is hard times and people getting crazy desperate, looking for someone to blame and hate.
    Hint: hard times now and ahead

  4. Did this same lawyer complain about all the press, publicity and loudly stated opinions before a recent trial in Kenosha?


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