Friday, November 26, 2021

Savor the Irony, CCCP Ed.

Thanks to Russian trolls speading anti-vax bullshit here and in Europe, Russians are reluctant to be vaccinated. So Putin's cyber-minions are killing their own people.

Savor that bit of ironic news when you lay your head down tonight.


  1. And exactly like the RNC and TFG, Putin does not give a flying fuck about unnecessary deaths so long as the corrupt money keeps flowing in.

  2. They were also pumping out pro-Rittenhouse shit on social media in a big way.

    -Doug in Sugar Pine

  3. Russia is an adversary of the United States and, for some reason, a lot of the Right thinks that is a good thing.

    We're about to be a republic in name only. This nation is sliding into autocracy.


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