Thursday, November 18, 2021

In Case You Need to Shoot a Really Small Poodle

The 4.6mm.

I don't see the point of a .177 rifle for serious uses. It's a rifle that would likely require shooting someone several times to incapacitate them. The round is known for poor terminal performance, which is to say that it's not worth a fuck for shooting people.

Civilians in this country probably aren't going to be able to buy full-auto 4.6mm rifles (maybe if they're repaceable uppers on AR-pattern rifles). If you buy one for self-defenseive use, ou're going to have a gun where you have to shoot most of a magazine into an opponent in order to incapacitate him, which can easily lead to a host of legal issues.

Unless you have a burning need to have one, I'd suggest giving it a hard pass.


  1. FYI the 4.6x30HK is faster and heavier than .17HMR
    with the terminal velocity of 300 to 330ft/pounds.
    That hits harder than .22WMR.

    Small caliber has one advantage 40 rounds in the mag if
    you can do it on your state. The ammo, think of
    hens with lips and teeth for availability and price.

    Me I'd not want to feel that. However not a defensive round but
    easily lethal with shot placement.

    I shoot .177 air (crossman 760) and springer (crossman nitro)
    and that means 560FPS and 9 grains or 1100 fps aat 9 grains
    for the pellets. I regularly take chucks at 15 to 20 yards
    with the faster of the two. Would I not enjoyy being hit
    by that, that's enough power at 15 yard to punch through
    a 5/4s fir plank I know as my standard target is 3/4 ply (times 2)
    with the 5/4s in front of it. That will stop it but usually the
    pellet is into the first sheet of plywood.

    If I need more a .22 springer (1100 fps) with 16gr pellets hits

    I use those to keep sharp for long arms. I also have .22
    pump pistol Crossman 1322 that I am good to about 15 yards
    with but at 600fps and 15 grains its not hard hitting but
    its practice in the back yard. Hey in the Volksrepublik
    one has to practice, cheaply. A few of those rifles and
    a few tins of 250 pellets and your good for a long while.

    Shot placement is critical for varmint kills. In both cases
    (.177 or .22) to hard stop a chuck there are only a few
    places to assure a clean kill back of the head, neck spine,
    or under the jaw. A good shot in those places is appears
    instant. Rabbits or Squirrels are easier but a body shot
    risks a through and though.

    For those that do not want to shoot animals try MiniSniping.
    The idea is hit something the size of a 9MM empty cartridge
    at 35 yards with an air rifle. Optics are allowed. Challenging
    and fun.

    For a smaller price (193$ Amazon)and more fun Crossman
    has a full auto .177 BB AR, only about 400fps on CO2
    and 25 round magazines. But it does do brrrrit, legally
    without tax stamp. ;)



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