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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"Center of Excellence" Pro Tip

I assume that any entity that calls itself a "center of excellence" most likely is a black hole of incompetence and general suckitude, staffed largely with managers who could guest-star in a Dilbert cartoon.

Our Orwellian Security Organs seem to be big on calling themselves that, so I rest my case.

Which is why I believe that GE might want to rethink its name for its new turboprop plant.


Anonymous said...

Pratt & Whitney should be flattered, GE's new engine is laid out exactly like a big PT6!


Deadstick said...

"Center of Excellence" is one of those buzzwords that companies get from overpaid management consultants, like "Zero Defects" or "Six Sigma". Basically, it's Scientology for corporations.

Brian Train said...

And remember, they're not "silos", they're "cylinders of excellence"!