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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This Could Get Interesting, and Not in a Good Way

The South Koreans are openly talking about retaliating against North Korea for the sinking of the RKS Cheonan.
Defense Minister Kim Tae-yung on Sunday threatened North Korea with retaliation if it is found to have been behind the sinking of the Navy corvette Cheonan on March 26. "Retaliation -- whatever form it takes -- must be done," Kim said on KBS TV. The possibility of a vicious cycle of retaliation "must clearly be considered," he said.
It is not too off the mark to state that the North Koreans are batshit crazy. I also suspect that in any sort of military exchange, North Korea has less to lose. A conflict won't do any good to the South's economy, while the North is about as poor as they can get. The North Korean Army could fire off a bunch of shells from their emplaced artillery and wreak havoc in Seoul, which is within artillery range.

Or the North could just rip open the border fence and do a Mariel Boatlift type of influx into the South. It could get very interesting.



Anonymous said...

The DPRK has absolutely nothing to lose, and that makes them very dangerous.

BadTux said...

BTW, there is not a single border fence -- there's a big no man's land between the NK and SK border fences -- and the land inbetween the two fences is heavily mined by both sides other than certain narrow routes well demarcated but easily blocked by either side. A Mariel Boatlift scenario isn't likely short of a complete collapse of the NK regime, at which point it's likely to really *be* a boatlift scenario...

- Badtux the Border Penguin