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Monday, August 24, 2015

Why ¡JEB! Can't Get Any Traction

Scott Adams offers an explanation why The Donald is cleaning Johnny Bush's clock and why he will continue to do so.

Ths is just one small nugget:
Jeb Bush recently said that Trump was a Democrat longer than he was a Republican in the past decade. That sounds like a good zinger, right? It got a lot of press, just as Bush wanted. Does Bush win that round?


Mentioning Trump’s party change might have been a good thing to say before Trump was trouncing Bush in the polls and locking up the nomination. But today it sounds like Bush is telling independent voters that Trump is not a slave to any party. They love that. And independents will probably decide the election.

It would be hard to engineer a worse thing for Bush to say at this stage.
When it comes to trying to make the sale of whom to vote for, Johnny is using an Airsoft and Trump has brought a GAU-8.


Glenn Kelley said...

It's truly sad that out of eight or more candidates neither party can field some one that commands enough respect to shut the scoundrel down .


Nangleator said...

I used to love Scott Adams' humor, and finding out he's a bit of a mud trumpet soured me on his writing.

I couldn't get past this: "I have no idea whether he would be a good President or not, and I don’t believe you know either."

If he means by "good," effective at achieving his goals in the job, then that sentence works. But that's not my definition of "good."

CenterPuke88 said...

Nah, a GAU8 is accurate and effective. Trump is "effective" in the context of his goal, but is also probably hurting the R's as a whole. He's more like a M247 Sargent York...trouble prone, expensive, massively overbudget, and probably doomed by financial decisions made.

Comrade Misfit said...

CP88, more like a Davey Crockett or an Atomic Annie?

Nangleator, try to get past that line. His point on how Trump is selling himself is worth it. IMO.